Rules triggered views cache and forms

Today I ran into an issue where a form was not submitted correctly. The form was on each row of a views page, and the view was cached using cache_actions module (which provides a cache which can only be cleared via a custom rule [from the rules module]). It does not allow to choose whether the results only or the complete HTML should be cached, as the built in time-based views-cache.

What I experienced is, that the form only get submitted correctly when the views cache is turned off. Period.

I assume that the "rules triggered views cache" saves the complete page and returns the cached version before the form submit handlers are called. Meaning that a view which includes forms, should not be cached using cache_actions.

Changing back to time-based cache and saving the results only (and not the complete HTML output) made the forms work again.

Would be happy on any further information ;) Email me!